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Quotes are self-serve via this web page, find out how here.

Using this form is really the fastest and most efficient method of contacting me.  Faster than a phone call 100% of the time.  Seriously.  Honest.

That's right I said "me".  99% of the time Uncarved Block is a one-person operation......and I will respond to you as soon as I possibly can.  If I am not manufacturing holds I am: 

  • working at my other job
  • completing a TAFE course
  • answering email,
  • updating this website,
  • managing the social media feed,
  • balancing the books,
  • paying bills,
  • cleaning the factory,
  • ordering materials,
  • sourcing materials,
  • making molds
  • shaping new holds
  • graphic design
  • testing silicones and polyurethane

Manufacturing holds gets the priority over everything else.  Uncarved Block is generally open Monday to Friday 10 am to 2 pm.  Uncarved Block is closed all Public Holidays.  Messages etc outside the above hours will be answered next business day.

You can also TXT your name to:    +61 444 522 631. and I will call when I am able.  Messages sent outside the above hours will be answered next business day.


The steps outlined below are the only method to receive a quote.  

  1. Add all desired products to your cart. (very top right of your screen you can search for a product by name or SKU, if a product does not appear on the site, it is currently not in production.)
  2. Next, click on the cart button (top right of the screen) to view your cart.
  3. Click on the "Create Quote From Cart" button.
  4. Fill in the required information.
  5. Click on the "Confirm & Process Quote" button (bottom of page).
  6. Quotes expire after 14 days and are deleted.

Upon completion, you will be emailed the quote in PDF form or you can print it out directly from the quote page.

Quotes are saved to your account, so when you are ready to purchase, login, select "My Quotes", approve your quote and click the "Pay Now" button, select payment method, make payment and you will be sent an invoice.  You can also pay later with the link provided on the quote and email.



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