Screw-In T-Nuts

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A zinc plated, round base t-nut you insert by hand into pre-drilled holes 12 mm in diameter.

  • 3 screw holes in each t-nut
  • the base of t-nut is 25mm in diameter
  • threads are imperial 3/8" UNC
  • screws are NOT included 
  • the required hole is 12mm
  • 25 - 35 t-nuts are recommended per m2  of climbing surface or 70-100 per full sheet of plywood

Tools required to install:  drill, 12 mm drill bit, #2 Phillips head bit

Screws Required:  Phillips Pan Head #6 x 1/2" (3 per tnut)

TIP:  To prevent corrosion place steel/zinc t-nuts into a plastic bag and treat them with a long-lasting lubricant like CRC Long Life before you install them.  Spray them in the bag and shake them around and make sure they are well coated, but not dripping, then install. 


Important Information - PLEASE Read.

  • All bolt-on holds/sets require socket head type bolts, except for the Classic Footholds Set which requires countersunk head bolts.
  • All bolts Uncarved Block sells are imperial 3/8" diameter with UNC threads.
  • Unless otherwise stated, t-nuts are not included with holds or sets.
  • Any items shown in pictures other than holds are to show scale and are not included with purchase.
  • More information about hold colors click here.
  • Bolts optionally supplied with holds/sets are suited for 17-20 mm thick climbing walls, if you require longer bolts order these separately.
  • The best way to delay your order is to choose specific colours. Random is cheaper & faster.

Surprisingly easy to install

25 June 2020
Great for replacing spinners or adding to a standing wall without having to pound them in. Very easy & quick to put in and solid as. Great service, quick delivery.

Nice nuts

30 September 2019
Not going back to hammer in tee nuts after these

The way to go

1 April 2019
Much better than bash in t-nuts. These ones are easier to remove from the wall - just take out the three screws. Also much less likely to shred the plywood and F the nut, bolt, and hole. Comes with the little screws, so all set to go. Simple and useful. Get amongst it.

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