For the Kids

How to attach a climbing hold to a plywood wall?  CLICK HERE!


Already have a climbing wall?  Then scroll down to view the hold sets that are great for kids and beginners.  No experience or climbing shoes required.

Planning to build a climbing wall?  Check out our How To Build a Climbing Wall page to help get you started.

How many holds do you need?   An easy way to determine the minimum amount of holds for your wall is to calculate the area of your wall (in m2 ) and multiply this by 5.  

Example:  Your wall is 3.6m high x 2.4m wide, which is a total are of 8.6m2. Multiply the area x 5, which equals 43.  I suggest a minimum of 43 holds.  

How to arrange the holds on the wall?   There is no right or wrong way to arrange the holds, but the best practice is to try and space them so the entire wall is covered and climbers can start climbing anywhere on the wall.


Need help designing or building a climbing wall? Check out Adventure Developments.