Design Your Climbing Wall

Looking for info on how to attach a climbing hold to a plywood wall? Find out here!

Step 1 - Designing Your Climbing Wall

The design of your wall is going to be a product of many variables including, but not limited to:

  • your budget; do it yourself or pay someone else?
  • your level of building/carpentry skill and knowledge
  • space available; do you rent the space or own it?
  • primary user group
  • location; basement, shed, 2nd floor, limitations
  • goals for using the wall; is it for fun or some serious training?
  • we are assuming your wall is not a commercial venture

It is advisable to consult an engineer on your design.

climbing wall framing

Here is an example of framing for a steep climbing wall made of wood.

Whats Next?

Gather the materials needed to build your wall.

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