Padding for Your Climbing Wall

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Step 4: Padding for your Climbing Wall

Now that you have a climbing wall you are going to need a soft surface to land on. There are many ways to accomplish this and again depends on your budget. Contact a local upholsterer and make a deal to take all their off cuts for a couple months, as they have to pay the local landfill to dipose of it. That is of course if they actually throw away their offcuts, as foam is very, very expensive.

Once you have ample amount of offcuts, cover the lot in low pile or thin industrial type carpet that you can also easily recover from the tip for next to nothing. To prevent the carpet from moving all over the place screw it to the very bottom of your wall. Padding will not be required within about 30-40 cm of the base of your wall.

If you need thicker padding, old mattresses work great. Once you get a couple layers of mattresses piled offset like bricks, apply some of the foam offcuts on top, then the carpet and your good to go. If your wall is not too big you can also use a bouldering pad for softening landings.