About Uncarved Block

Uncarved Block was started in 1996 here in Armidale, NSW.

Until 2008 Uncarved Block was run by Ben Christian. A handful of local climbers helped design and produce the holds. Back then the holds were made of fibreglass resin and filler.

In 2008, I purchased Uncarved Block and started producing the holds out of polyurethane.

99% of the time Uncarved Block is now a one-man operation, mostly because polyurethane is easier and faster to work with than fibreglass and eliminates a few very slow and tedious steps of hold production. I also have some local climbers who help when I ask for it.

If I am not actually producing holds, I am shaping new holds, replacing old molds, making new molds or experimenting with different methods for designing and creating new holds.

From 1995 to 2005 I worked only to raise funds to go climbing and spent 6-8 months out of every year climbing in Canada, USA and Australia. With a business to run and a son, being a dirtbag climber is unfortunately not a priority anymore.

I can be hard to get a hold at times. If I am not producing holds I am answering email, updating the website, trying to keep up with social media, balancing the books, paying bills, ordering materials, sourcing materials, making phone calls, answering the phone, and all the other things it takes to make a business run. Producing holds gets the priority over everything else, so your patience is appreciated.

I am most likely to be at the Factory on Tuesday, Wednesday and maybe Thursday, generally between 10am and 2pm.

Uncarved Block manufactures indoor climbing rock holds and sells world wide online via this webpage and does not have a retail shop.

Todd Free