Uncarved Block is currently closed and will re-open on Wednesday November 21st. Orders will be shipped in the order in which they were received upon my return.


Screw-In T-Nuts
Steel T-Nuts

Steel T-Nuts


Zinc Plated T-Nuts
1" Reg Steel Bolt
1.5" Reg Countersunk Bolt
1.5" Reg Steel Bolt
2" Reg Steel Bolt
Hilti Flush Anchor
2.5" Reg Steel Bolt
3" Reg Steel Bolt
1.5" Stainless Bolt
4" Reg Steel Bolt
2" Stainless Bolt
1.5" Stainless Countersunk Bolt
2.5" Stainless Bolt
3" Stainless Bolt
3" Stainless Bolt
Ergo Wrench 5/16"
Ergo Wrench 7/32"
Hilti Setting Tool

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