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Angry Camel

Angry Camel Logo

Woodie Worx was born in about 2003/4 when Ken built his own Woody complete with Uncarved Block holds. There weren't many other good local options for holds so Ken imported some Atomik and Three Ball holds, and realised there was some profit to be made.

Increased international shipping costs made importing less viable so Ken looked into making his own holds. This was before there were any guides, tips or tutorials on the internet. With the pure urethane process nailed after lots of experimentation Ken started making the holds from his garage.

He branded his own shaped holds Angry Camel. (the inspiration for the name has been forgotten!) Three Ball Climbing came to the party and would ship moulds for Angry Camel to make their holds in Australia under license. With his first child on the way, Ken decided to slow down and sold the brand to Uncarved Block in 2008.