Climbing Shoe Resoles

Climbing shoes are a vital part of any climber's gear, providing the grip and precision needed to tackle various routes. Over time, however, the rubber on climbing shoes wears out, compromising performance and safety. Instead of buying a new pair, many climbers opt for resoling. This process not only extends the life of the shoes but is also a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option. Let's explore the different types of resoling, when to get your shoes resoled, and where you can do it in Australia.

Types of Climbing Shoe Resoling

  1. Half Sole Resoling

    • Description: This is the most common type of resoling. It involves replacing the front part of the shoe's rubber, where most of the wear occurs.
    • Ideal For: Climbers who have worn down the toe area but the rest of the shoe is in good condition.
    • Benefits: Extends the life of the shoes significantly without altering the shoe’s original shape and feel.
  2. Rand Repair

    • Description: The rand is the rubber that wraps around the toe and sides of the shoe. Rand repair involves replacing this rubber if it’s worn through.
    • Ideal For: Shoes with significant toe rand damage but where the sole is still relatively intact.
    • Benefits: Prevents further damage to the shoe’s structure and extends overall shoe life.

When to Resole Your Climbing Shoes

Knowing when to resole your climbing shoes can save them from irreversible damage. Here are some signs it’s time to consider resoling:

  1. Visible Wear on the Toe Area: If you see the rubber thinning or small holes appearing, especially around the toe area, it’s time for a resole.
  2. Loss of Grip: If your shoes are not sticking as well to holds as they used to, the rubber might be too worn.
  3. Discomfort: If the shoes start feeling uncomfortable due to uneven wear, it’s a good indicator that they need attention.
  4. Regular Climbing: For regular climbers, resoling every 3-6 months can maintain performance. Less frequent climbers might need resoling every 6-12 months.

Where to Resole Climbing Shoes in Australia

Australia boasts several reputable resoling services that cater to climbers. Here are some top options to send your shoes for a new sole:

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Resoling your climbing shoes is a smart move to prolong their life, save money, and reduce environmental impact. By understanding the types of resoling, recognizing when it’s needed, and knowing where to go in Australia, you can ensure your climbing shoes remain in top condition. Whether you’re tackling boulders in the Grampians or sport climbing in the Blue Mountains, keeping your shoes in excellent shape will help you climb with confidence.

Have your shoes reached the end of their life and have been rejected for a resole?  Recycle them!

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