Choosing Colours

When you order you have the option of choosing a specific colour for your holds for an additional 15% per set. If you choose Random then there is no extra charge. Which also means your order is shipped faster.


  • The colour of holds between separate orders will not be the same, there will be differences.
  • When ordering multiples of the same product in the same colour, there will be slight differences.
  • Colour matching is not available.  The most consistent colours are off-white, black, grey, yellow, light blue and orange.
  • Colour names are generic; not specific. (ie green can be light to dark)
  • Colours not on the list are not available.
  • Random colour holds may be multi-coloured (ie splattered, swirled, layered)
  • Sets cannot be half one colour and half another.
  • "Random" colour selection for sets will vary from the holds in the set being all one colour, to each hold in the set being a different colour.
  • Possible "random" colours are any conceivable colour; this includes pink.
  • Exchanges are accepted based on colour, but the customer will pay for shipping back to Uncarved Block and pay for shipping of replacement hold(s), plus a production fee of 10% for the new colour desired.