Screw-On Holds

Traditionally climbing holds are bolted onto your wall using the t-nut method, which involves drilling many holes into your wall, then hammering in a threaded t-nut. The other option, if the hold allows for this is to simply use screws and attach the holds anywhere on your wall. We have a range of Screw-On holds in sizes extra small to medium and large.

What's good about screw-on holds?

  • they can go anywhere on your wall, not limited like traditional holds are
  • close to the edge between angle changes
  • in tight corners
  • on aretes
  • they don't require a t-nutted hole
  • they don't require a bolt
  • can be added to walls with thick texture on them

What's bad about screw-on holds?

  • nothing...

However most climbing hold manufacturers only have screw-on holds in very small sizes to be used as tiny footholds. Here at Uncarved Block we are working to bring you a full range of sizes in screw-on holds, all they way up to large jugs. See our current range of screw-on holds Here.

Screw On Hold
Uncarved Block Screw On Hold