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Wild Country

Wild Country came about as the brainchild of UK based climber Mark Vallance. It was set up to manufacture what was to become the most famous piece of rock climbing gear of all time, the Friend. Friends (aka spring loaded camming devices) were the innovation of US climber Ray Jardine who Mark had met in the USA a few years earlier. Then when Ray couldn't find a partner in the US to develop and produce his revolutionary new unit, Mark and he joined forces and Wild Country was born. 

Founded in 1977, at a tiny factory in a village in the heart of the UK's Peak District, Wild Country went from strength to strength on the back of this revolutionary tool and became a name synonymous with hard climbing everywhere. "In everything we do, in everything we create, and wherever we climb, our ambition, our energy and our experience lead us forward. We push the limits at all times."

Wild Country now produces equipment across a wide category of products including uts, hexes, carabiners, quickdraws, belay devices, helmets and clothing.

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