Factory Seconds

I get a few inquiries about seconds so I thought I would address the question here.

Factory seconds, also known as "my mistakes" do happen, but not very often due to the fact I am soooooo awesome at making holds.  That is only half true.   Producing climbing holds is pretty easy once the hard part of designing and making a mold is done.  Polyurethane is an easy material to work with.  Mix it properly, get it into the mold and that is pretty much it.  There is a bit of timing, but that comes with experience and repetition.  The majority of my mistakes are of the catastrophic type.  Meaning the hold cannot be used, it is not just a blemish.

I do sell the seconds that are still structurally sound when I have messed up enough and put them into a makeshift set of 5-10 depending on their size.   

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