Indoor Climbing Hold Facts

Indoor climbing holds play a crucial role in the sport of indoor (and outdoor) climbing. Here are some interesting facts about indoor climbing holds:

  • Materials: Climbing holds are typically made from polyurethane, polyester resin, and various plastics.
  • Shapes and Sizes: Holds come in diverse shapes and sizes, mimicking natural rock features like crimps, jugs, slopers, and pockets.
  • Color Coding: Holds are often color-coded in climbing gyms to indicate specific routes or difficulty levels.
  • Texture: Holds have carefully designed textures for optimal grip without being overly abrasive.
  • Setting Routes: Route setters use holds to create routes of varying difficulty levels and styles.
  • Volumes: Larger three-dimensional shapes called volumes add complexity and variety to climbing walls.
  • Hueco Holds: Hollowed-out pocket-like holds, known as "huecos," present unique challenges.
  • Innovation in Design: Ongoing innovation in hold design introduces new shapes and features.
  • Ergonomics: Holds are designed with ergonomic considerations to reduce the risk of injuries.
  • Brands and Artisans: Companies specialize in designing holds, and some are crafted by individual artisans.
  • Hold Rotation: Gyms regularly rotate and reset holds to keep climbing experiences fresh and challenging.

Indoor Climbing Holds - The Spray Wall

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