Memories, Sweet Memories

Started climbing in 1994.  Was living in Port Alberni on Vancouver Island at the time and some friends and I went for a hike up Mt Arrowsmith.  To get to the summit involves some scrambling up bare rock.  At the time, looking up at the rock and the angle I was convinced ropes etc would be required.  Hiked back down without summiting and went to the library the next day and found John Long's "How to Rock Climb".  The rest is my history. 

From 1995 to 2006 I worked only long enough to fund climbing.  In 2000 I found the perfect job.  They hired me in April, fired me in August then offered me the job again the following April.  Perfect.  Two campervans later and no fixed address found me working April to August anually and the rest of the year was spent following the warm weather from Squamish, BC to El Portrero Chico, Mexico then back. 

Ford Econoline

Above:  Somewhere in Utah on the way to Moab.

indian creek

Above:  Spot we camped at while climbing at Indian Creek

ford at indian creek

Above:  The author posing in front of "carmen" our 1974 camperised Ford Econoline. My home from 2002 until 2006.

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