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Climbing Hold Type Glossary

This is a basic guide to climbing hold types and many variations of names and descriptors exist.


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a jug


- a very positive hold, large enough to get all fingers on or around it up to the palm

- jugs can be called: a massive jug or a finger jug to describe its size

a pinch


- a hold that is held by pinching between the thumb and fingers

- if the pinch is wide and not very positive, it can be called a "slopey-pinch"

- if the pinch is very positive and easy to hold, it can be called a "juggy-pinch"



- a hold that allows only a couple digits of all or a couple fingers to hang onto

- if the edge is more than 90 degrees it can be called a "slopey-edge"

- an edge that has a slight depression can be called an "incut" and if the depression is substantial enough it may be considered a "jug"



- similar to an edge but generally smaller and only thick enough to accommodate less than a single digit of all or one finger

- if the crimp is less than 90 degrees it can be referred to as a "slimper" or "slopey-crimp"; and, and if the crimp is small but positive: "juggy-crimp"



- a hold that is held onto by just friction of the fingers and palm, nothing to actually grab onto

- slopers can be very very large in size but there is still nothing to get your fingers around and the only way to hold them is by getting as much of your fingers and palm onto the hold using only friction for grip

- " the word "slopey" can be added to other hold types to indicate it is harder to hold



- a hold that has a hole in it that fingers are inserted in

- a "mono" refers to a pocket that is only large enough to get a single finger into

- if the pocket is very shallow it would be called a "slopey-pocket" or maybe a "divot"


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