A long edge that is slightly incut, that is big enough for three hands! Hammerhead has a pre-drilled screw hole, complete with washer, for use to prevent the hold from spinning, if required.

This hold requires 1 x 1.5" bolt.

Shaped by Todd.

  • All bolt-on holds/sets require socket head type bolts, except for the Classic Footholds Set which requires countersunk head bolts.
  • All bolts Uncarved Block sells are imperial 3/8" diameter with UNC threads.
  • Unless otherwise stated, t-nuts are not included with holds or sets.
  • Any items shown in pictures other than holds are to show scale and are not included with purchase.
  • More information about hold colors click here.
  • Bolts optionally supplied with holds/sets are suited for 17-20 mm thick climbing walls, if you require longer bolts order these separately.
  • It is cheaper & faster to select random colours.

I like it

By: on 21 September 2023
Cool shape and like the other people stated the texture is interesting and the wideness of the hold makes a good start hold.

Do yourself a favour.

21 November 2018
Do yourself a favour, buy this hold and put it up on your wall upside down. It is a fantastic two handed sloper when inverted with its killer texture and is my go to start hold. works well in this orientation on an angle change. The normal way round it is also fun, not too deep.

hammer time!

4 June 2018
interesting texture. hold is a good side pull and a nice hold for a two-handed start to a problem.

Textured Versatility

23 January 2018
Just love these holds! Have had them up in our gym for some time now and they are really popular. We've currently got them on a 15 degree roped wall which leads into a verticle wall which then leads into a 20 degree wall and the holds perform great on all angles. The texture is great and feels good on the skin and offers a nice change from intense crimping or jug hauling. The holds themselves are interesting and very versatile in nature and offer plenty of sloper, pinch, layback and crimp options as well as a variety of grades from mid-range to harder climbing routes..

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