A set of 6 medium sized pinches that resemble the shape of an hourglass.

  • The degree of pinchability varies from hold to hold across the set
  • Designed for vertical orientation for a full value pinch
  • They can also be used as edges when you orient them horizontally
  • Each hold has an anit-rotation screw hole
  • This set requires 6 x 1.5" bolts

Due to COVID asscoiated supply chain shipping delays I cannot produce climbing holds at this time and I do not have any stock available.   

Currently I am told I will be re-supplied at the end of October.   When this message is gone it is business as usual.

Bolts, t-nuts, chalk, chalk bags, tape, Climb On etc is all still available, as are Metolius products too.

An absolute staple.

13 July 2019
These are fantastic holds, great value, amazing texture and finishing, very directional but versatile as pinches or edges. I am loving them as edges, each of the 12 individual edges is slightly different from sloping to almost incut. For the price it is an absolute no brainer. Of all the UCB holds, I think I would like to see this set expanded on over all others. An addition of another 4-6 in this style but a bit larger would be unreal. Just add them to your next order.


By: on 6 November 2015
I really like these on my 30 degree wall as slopey edge

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