So many options to choose from on this hold. A long massive pinchable lobe and two smaller ones at the other end. Get both hands on if you want.

Requires 1 x 2" bolt.

Due to COVID asscoiated supply chain shipping delays I cannot produce climbing holds at this time and I do not have any stock available.   

Currently I am told I will be re-supplied at the end of October.   When this message is gone it is business as usual.

Bolts, t-nuts, chalk, chalk bags, tape, Climb On etc is all still available, as are Metolius products too.

Almost perfect for heel hooks

By: on 22 November 2013
An awesome hold that would be a touch better with an anti-rotation screw hole. The lip on the edge makes it ideal for heel hooking even on severe angles but the absence of a screw hole gives it the tendency to spin when significant pressure is applied. Make sure your mats are in place before trying anything too fancy on this one.

further post

By: on 9 August 2012
Also has a couple of great options for heel hooks.

My absolute favourite hold!

By: on 16 July 2012
One hand, two hands, from moderate overhang to ceiling placement. A lot more positive than it looks - my hands just love the feel of this one! It's also the kids favourite resting place on a tough overhang.

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