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Can I get a quote?

YES.  Add the products you would like to your shopping cart, view your cart and click on the "Create Quote from Cart" button.  This is the only method to get a quote.

Are you planning to build a climbing wall?

Please have a look at the How to Build a Climbing Wall pages. Lots of helpful information and tips.

Need holds for new or non-climbing folk?

Any holds from the For The Kids category will be fine.

What are Uncarved Block holds made of?

All the holds that I make are made of 100% polyurethane. I do not add fillers to my holds. Metolius holds are made of polyurethane and their hangboards are made of fiberglass resin.  Uncarved Block purchases Metolius products from the Australian distributor.

Where are you located?

Uncarved Block is located in Armidale NSW.

Does Uncarved Block have a retail shop?


What are your Hours of Operation?

Generally, the factory runs Monday to Friday 10 am to 2 pm.

How will my order be shipped?

Orders are shipped with Australia Post. You have the choice of regular or express services.

How much is shipping?

Add the products would like to order to your cart, view your cart, enter your postcode into the shipping calculator and shipping will be calculated based on the items in your cart and postcode.  To calculate shipping of any single product, enter your postcode into the postage calculator on the product page. 

Do you ship outside Australia?

Yes.  On any product page, select your country from the postage calculator and as you shop shipping will be calculated. If your country is not in the list, Uncarved Block cannot ship there at this time.  Check delivery time estimate here.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Check with Australia Post here.  You can also track your order once shipped here, click the "Track" button.

Can I order and pay over the phone or by email?

No.   All orders and payments must be completed through the webpage.

How many holds do I need?

To get you started I suggest 5 holds per square metre of climbing surface; simply calculate the area of your wall and times that by 5 to get how many holds you need.

Can I get my holds in a specific colour?

Yes, please see this page for detailed information about color selection. Colour matching existing holds is not available.

How do I maintain/care/clean my holds?

Download this document.

If a hold breaks will you replace it?

The material I use is very hard and very durable but can be broken. Having said that though, generally, if you break one of my holds, you were trying to break it, or using it in a manner for which it was not designed for. Under normal use, there is no reason a hold should break. To answer the question, yes, once the broken hold is returned to me.

The bottom of a hold was not sanded completely, is this OK?

Yes. Polyurethane climbing holds, do not need to be sanded at all. If the bottom is uneven, it will not break when tightened. This is a myth as far as polyurethane climbing holds go. The only reason I sand my holds at all is so I do not have to answer all the emails about the un-sanded holds. Unsanded holds have a nice sharp minuscus that creates amazing friction against your wall and pretty much eliminates any chance of spinning holds.

There were no nuts included with the bolts I purchased.

Traditional hexagonal nuts are not required to attach a climbing hold to a typical plywood wall. T-nuts are used instead. See this short but instructive video.

How many t-nuts do I need?

I recommend a minimum of 70-100 t-nuts per full sheet of plywood. The more tnuts you add to your wall the more variety of locations you have to move the holds around. It is usually hard to add tnuts to a climbing wall after it is built, as it involves getting behind the wall to hammer in the new tnuts.

What type of bolts do I need?

If your wall is indoors, I recommend regular steel bolts, and for outdoors I recommend stainless steel bolts.

Do you sell stainless steel t-nuts?

Stainless steel tnuts are not available in Australia from a reliable source at a reasonable price, so I do not stock them. I recommend using steel tnuts, and before you install them, place them in a plastic bag and treat them with a long-lasting lubricant like CRC Long Life. Spray them in the bag and shake them around and make sure they are well coated, but not dripping. Do the same with the bolts and you should get many years use out of them. Check them occasionally for rust and spot treat them as needed.

How do I attach holds to my plywood wall?

The most common method for use on a plywood climbing wall is to drill holes in the plywood everywhere you want to attach a hold, hammer in a t-nut from the back of the plywood and attach the hold with a bolt. See this short but instructive video.  You can also use Screw-On climbing holds that do not require a t-nut.

How do I attach holds to a concrete wall?

To attach bolt-on climbing holds to a concrete wall Hilti drop-in anchors can be used. You will need to drill holes in the concrete everywhere you would like a hold then insert and set the anchors. Using this method you can use the bolts that you can purchase with your holds.   You can also use Screw-On climbing holds and attach with masonry screws.

How do I attach holds to a brick/block wall?

You can use masonry screws.

Are Uncarved Block climbing holds suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, however, the colours are not UV stable and will fade over time with exposure to UV.

Do you have plans for building a climbing wall?

I do not have plans, but I do offer lots of useful information on building your own wall here.

Is the eight-ball included with my order?

Anything other than climbing holds in pictures of sets or holds are for size reference only and will not be included with your order.

Do you make custom climbing holds?

I can make custom holds to suit any application or specification. See this page for more information.


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