T-Nuts for Climbing Holds

On a traditional plywood climbing wall, t-nuts are used to attach bolt-on climbing holds to the wall.  T-nuts are like a nut for a bolt, that is attached to the back of the wall permanently.   

Before the climbing wall is built, 12mm holes are drilled into the plywood everywhere a hold is to be attached.  A t-nut is then added to each hole.  It is recommended to use 25 - 35 t-nuts per m2  of climbing surface or 70-100 per full sheet of plywood.   That way there will be lots of spots to move holds around or to add more holds later.   

Screw-In T-Nuts
Steel T-Nuts

Steel T-Nuts


Zinc Plated T-Nuts

Which T-Nuts Do I Need?

Zinc Plated T-Nuts (UNC threads)

Steel T-Nuts (UNC threads)

Screw-In Zinc Plated T-Nuts (UNC threads)

Stainless Steel T-Nuts

Stainless steel tnuts are not available in Australia from a reliable source at a reasonable price, so I do not stock them.  I recommend using steel tnuts, and before you install them, place them in a plastic bag and treat them with a long lasting lubricant like CRC Long Life.  Spray them in the bag and shake them around and make sure they are well coated, but not dripping.  Check them occasionally for rust and spot treat them as needed.

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