A set of 8 medium sized edges / incuts. One side is a nice flat to sloping edge, the other side is a curved incut. Very pinchable if needed.

Requires 8 x 2" socket head bolts.

Due to COVID asscoiated supply chain shipping delays I cannot produce climbing holds at this time and I do not have any stock available.   

Currently I am told I will be re-supplied at the end of October.   When this message is gone it is business as usual.

Bolts, t-nuts, chalk, chalk bags, tape, Climb On etc is all still available, as are Metolius products too.

Killer Value!

13 January 2019
8 dual tex holds for this price is great but as they all have 2 distinct and quite different edges you effectively get 16 different edges/incuts to play around with. They are a great size, look cool and are fun to climb on. the incut sides are just enough for me to hold onto on my 35 degree wall or be a comfy grab on anything else., the flat side is fun on verticals/volumes but the edge becomes a bit sharp when grabbing over angle changes.

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