The Ergoboard is a great hangboard with a variety of features from Jugs to small Pockets It has the following features:

  • 6 Single Digit Depth Pockets
  • 8 Two Digit Depth Pockets
  • Warm-up Jugs
  • Large Sloping Rail
  • Specially Angled Pockets Designed to Work Pinkie and Ring Fingers
  • Curved Ergonomic Design
  • Designed for Beginner to Advanced
  • 630mm x 150mm x 60mm
  • Mounting screws optional

Due to COVID asscoiated supply chain shipping delays I cannot produce climbing holds at this time and I do not have any stock available.   

Currently I am told I will be re-supplied at the end of October.   When this message is gone it is business as usual.

Bolts, t-nuts, chalk, chalk bags, tape, Climb On etc is all still available, as are Metolius products too.

very Pleased

By: on 20 August 2012
Performed well. Sloper hold, Jug and three finger pockets have been the most used. Sloper hold feels really good.

Rockin' Board

By: on 30 May 2012
This is the most comfortable board i have found! It contains no sharp edges unlike other boards i have tried so my skin stays on my fingers longer. The jugs have a nice ergonomic shape, the pockets are deep and accommodating if you have large fingers and the central sloper has just enough to make it challenging but not impossible.

Uncarved Block Ergoboard Rocks

By: on 18 May 2012
Having trained on a few different hangboards in my time I feel qualified to say that the Ergoboard is a freakin sweet board. The combination of pocket diversity and juicy jugs are complimented with an attractive large sloper, making this training tool suitable for strengthening hard core climbing enthusiasts and beginners alike.


By: on 16 May 2012
product is brilliant. best way to practice finger strength and chin ups!

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