A throw back to the early days of Uncarved Block. A solid edge, an incut, a mono, a jug, it is a bit of everything. You know you want one!

Requires 1 x 2.5" bolt.

If you are viewing this product on a mobile or tablet, you may be able to view this hold on your wall actual size! Tap the plus sign to try it yourself!

View on Your Wall

Depending on your MOBILE device and browser you may have the option to view this hold/set in Augmented Reality (AR) on your wall. Will not work on desktop.

How to view in AR:

  1. If you see the link "View on Your Wall", simply tap the link and wait for 1-4 seconds.  Link not visible?  Your device/browser is not AR capable.
  2. When your camera opens and the 3D model of the hold appears, point your camera at a well lit wall and the hold will be "placed" there.  If your camera does not open, your device/browser is not AR capable.
  3. Once placed, you can move your device around the hold, get close, move out, above, below, place your hand close to it, rotate using two fingers.

I have tested using an iphone 12 pro (ios 17.1) and latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari and they work perfect.


  • Best results seem to be with Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
  • Wall/surface needs to be well lit
  • Seems to help for there to be something else on the wall, like art, light switch, door/window frame close to where you want to place object, needs reference points
  • If hold moves around, then it needs some reference point close by, see point above
  • Brick/textured walls work well
  • Object can be placed on flat surfaces too, but since it is a climbing hold it will be oriented vertically
  • You can rotate the hold with 2 fingers
  • Hopefully soon you will be able to place object on overhanging walls in the correct orientation
  • Not working but you feel it should?  There are so many variables that could prevent it from working, but the code I am using is written by a third party and I have zero control over it.
  • All bolt-on holds/sets require socket head type bolts, except for the Classic Footholds Set which requires countersunk head bolts.
  • All bolts Uncarved Block sells are imperial 3/8" diameter with UNC threads.
  • Unless otherwise stated, t-nuts are not included with holds or sets.
  • Any items shown in pictures other than holds are to show scale and are not included with purchase.
  • More information about hold colors click here.
  • Bolts optionally supplied with holds/sets are suited for 17-20 mm thick climbing walls, if you require longer bolts order these separately.
  • It is cheaper & faster to select random colours.

The kids voted this one as their favourite hold

By: on 26 July 2012
I have more than 200 different holds on my climbing wall. Out of all of these, the retro plate was voted "most fun to grab" by both my 8yo daughter and 5yo son, both of whom have no trouble supporting themselves one-handed on a 20 degree wall using the mono+jug combination.

Fits like a glove

By: on 25 July 2012
Truly a funky piece of plastic. The mono and the jug are placed to fit your thumb and fingers (right hand) like a glove. Using it this way you could hang from the roof from one hand. Depending on placement, most of the other arrangements vary from helpful to very challenging. Rotate the retro plate 180 degrees and use the exact same hold as a wrist stretching undercut move.


8 November 2011
This is a really versatile hold and has a few different ways to mount it to make it easier/harder. Its a nice feature piece.

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