A throw back to the early days of Uncarved Block. A solid edge, an incut, a mono, a jug, it is a bit of everything. You know you want one!

Requires 1 x 2.5" bolt.

Due to COVID asscoiated supply chain shipping delays I cannot produce climbing holds at this time and I do not have any stock available.   

Currently I am told I will be re-supplied at the end of October.   When this message is gone it is business as usual.

Bolts, t-nuts, chalk, chalk bags, tape, Climb On etc is all still available, as are Metolius products too.

The kids voted this one as their favourite hold

By: on 26 July 2012
I have more than 200 different holds on my climbing wall. Out of all of these, the retro plate was voted "most fun to grab" by both my 8yo daughter and 5yo son, both of whom have no trouble supporting themselves one-handed on a 20 degree wall using the mono+jug combination.

Fits like a glove

By: on 25 July 2012
Truly a funky piece of plastic. The mono and the jug are placed to fit your thumb and fingers (right hand) like a glove. Using it this way you could hang from the roof from one hand. Depending on placement, most of the other arrangements vary from helpful to very challenging. Rotate the retro plate 180 degrees and use the exact same hold as a wrist stretching undercut move.


8 November 2011
This is a really versatile hold and has a few different ways to mount it to make it easier/harder. Its a nice feature piece.

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