They are bolt on holds and they are screw-on holds. Yes, you can use these in either mode allowing you to put these holds anywhere on your wall, not just where you have a tnut. Put these up an arete in line to make the arete more fun.

Each hold in the set is different and varied is style over the length of the holds. They are edges, slopers and pinches.

This set requires 3 x 1.5" bolts, or 9 wood screws.

Shaped by Todd

  • All bolt-on holds/sets require socket head type bolts, except for the Classic Footholds Set which requires countersunk head bolts.
  • All bolts Uncarved Block sells are imperial 3/8" diameter with UNC threads.
  • Unless otherwise stated, t-nuts are not included with holds or sets.
  • Any items shown in pictures other than holds are to show scale and are not included with purchase.
  • More information about hold colors click here.
  • Bolts optionally supplied with holds/sets are suited for 17-20 mm thick climbing walls, if you require longer bolts order these separately.
  • It is cheaper & faster to select random colours.

Textured slimpers

7 November 2023
These holds are up there with my favourites. I've tried them on 5 to 35 degree walls but they also make good laybacks up aretes. The texture is really interesting and feels good in your hand and their unique shapes maintain plenty of interest and offer a challenge.

Great value

By: on 6 November 2023
This set is great. Heaps of options to grab in almost any orientation. I really like the texture, just be sure to keep it brushed.

Amazing versatility

By: on 23 July 2023
The Ridge Tri Set is amazing value. Each of the three holds is different, and each has a huge number of ways it can be grabbed. Spin them around and it all changes. The texture is very grippy so on the 90 degree wall I mostly pinch at the slopey edges, if that makes sense. There’s a few slopey bits that are beyond me, and there are some lovely incut areas. The Ridge Tri Set has been a fantastic addition to the wall.

lots of fun in adbreaks

4 July 2014
Why have a campus board when you can put these up on the mega wide exposed roof beam in the lounge room?

Great value combo set, multi hand & foot posi

26 May 2014
These have an amazing texture, which keeps you holding on but isn't so abrasive on the skin. If you set them right, you'll get several hand holds on each and many foot positions. Best on 20 - 30 degree walls, not extreme overhang.

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