Awesome Woodys Cliff Boards are the best portable hang boards on the market today. 

The Cliff Board Micro™ is Systematic in design and it’s versatility to climbers is incredible. 

This 2 sided fingerboard is also full of useful skin friendly features while being compact and totally portable.

 With 2 quick-adjust cord positions,  you can train systematically on edges and slopers. 

The Cliff Board Micro™ is a great tool for recruitment and getting those fast twitch fibers primed for your project of the day.


The Micro weighs in at around 400 grams and measuring 350 mm x 90 mm its compact, but be assured this little board punches well above its weight!

Cliff Board Micro™ is precise and systematic with edges and pockets for you to systematically train finger strength and power routine.

Hand made in Australia from plantation timber, the Cliff Board Micro™ is super skin friendly and friendly to the environment.

Quick Stats:
• Rails and edges.
• Top rail, 30 mm rounded open handed in-cut.
• 2nd edge, 20 mm rounded flat.
• Back edge,12 mm rounded flat. 
• Pockets, 2 x 3 finger pockets Full Pad , 2 x mono's Full Pad, 1 x 2 finger pocket Full Pad
• 2 x hand holes Jugs.

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