Sandstone themed set of 20 holds. Amazing texture and varied sizes that are a joy to climb on.

  • very versatile shapes that easily become new holds simply by rotating them a bit
  • includes 10 medium and large holds, 10 small and extra small holds
  • larger holds have extra screw hole to prevent spinners, if required
  • requires 10 x 1.5" and 10 x 2" bolts
  • All bolt-on holds/sets require socket head type bolts, except for the Classic Footholds Set which requires countersunk head bolts.
  • All bolts Uncarved Block sells are imperial 3/8" diameter with UNC threads.
  • Unless otherwise stated, t-nuts are not included with holds or sets.
  • Any items shown in pictures other than holds are to show scale and are not included with purchase.
  • More information about hold colors click here.
  • Bolts optionally supplied with holds/sets are suited for 17-20 mm thick climbing walls, if you require longer bolts order these separately.
  • It is cheaper & faster to select random colours.

Really variable for a 45°!

By: on 24 October 2022
These holds are a brilliant addition to my 45° wall. Some are nice and incut and sit somewhere between jugs and super positive crimps. Others can be used as really thin pinches with flat edges, and some are somewhere in between. There are a few feet in here (or maybe some terrible hands on 15-20°) so be aware when you buy. Super grippy, sometimes too much so, and can cause some skin soreness, but I'd rather that than pinging off them non stop! Definitely worth the price tag

Power horses of the wall

17 April 2019
Recently purchased this set for the 45. They're amazing! They're large enough to be easy to hold and enough off them that you can splatter the wall. So they've become the power horses in my power-endurance circuits. Good grip texture too. Get some of these (and let me know if you figure out the name reference...)

A good filler set

By: on 16 July 2012
Well priced and reasonable variety, with a suave look to them. Appropriate use of stabilising crews on the longer holds. In my opinion the Big Air edges are probably the better buy, though both sets stand out as good value filler sets.

Great intermediate fillers for a vertical wall or

By: on 16 July 2012
Nicely textured and shaped. Very versatile. Depending on the orientation these can act as a crimp, a pinch, a fat edge, or an easy foothold. A great filler for long traverses.

Rough Love

By: on 18 July 2011
Have this set as a 12m traverse along the bottom of my wall where feet are on an 800mm high vertical section and hands on the 35 degree over hang. There are plenty of footers to play with and enough hands to complete the hard traverse my better half set to try to mess with me. The hands are either flat and lipped or scooped out up to first and second finger joint, most wide enough for matching (which Nat loves - me less so). They have loads of friction - almost a little rough on the hands, but good to strengthen the callouses through winter!

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