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55 hold value set

Can't fault any of the holds that came in my set. Absolute quality! A great company keep it up.

Best hold ever

The Ear is amazing. It is huge, versatile, comfortable, and grippy. It feels very strong and secure so it’s ideal for trying things out and playing ar

Excellent value and price

Holds are of TOP-QUALITY and a LARGE VARIETY of shapes and sizes. Moreover, you won't find many hold packs this cheap in Australia. Two notes, how

Super set to fill out a home wall

The shattered set has a broad variety of edges and slopers from three-pad incut mini jugs to subtle slopers. Great on a variety of angles, this is a

Good price for the number of holds

Would have liked to choose holds, but this was faster and since it was my first order I wanted a mix. Now that I have used them for a bit I can get t


This is a beast of a hold. Can be held with two-hands on any angle! Bit pricey though.

Great fun

The Johnson is challenging but super fun on the 35 degree wall. Have some crash pads ready, because despite the wonderfully grippy yet comfortable tex


Using these on the top of the kid's wall to finish on. They look very cool, which is not the most important feature, but it helps.

Great holds in great colors!

Our kids love their new climbing wall! Works well fro both our youngest and our oldest child, with a6 year age gap.

Perfect for kids

Reliable, fast delivery and always great quality.

Something different

The Vulcans are great fun and different. On many other holds I launch my hand at the hold and hook all my fingers in at once. With the Vulkans I need

A Big Boy

I bought this after purchasing and loving the tufa one. It is certainly big with lots of ways to grab it and different angles you can place it, I imag

Really variable for a 45°!

These holds are a brilliant addition to my 45° wall. Some are nice and incut and sit somewhere between jugs and super positive crimps. Others can be u

Slopey Granite

Definitely full of subtleties. The big rounded one is a great sloper with nice little detailing to add flavour. another is either a smooth sloper or r

Good fun

It’s all about the texture with the front slopers. Although slopey, they’re also grippy, and once traction is established, they enable a strong attach

Perfect for hard crimping

These go awesome on 30-45 deg walls and they are super nice on the skin.

Best Hold ever

This hold was perfect for my home wall. It is perfect as a finishing jug, and also a large side pull. Perfect for overhanging climbing and a spray wal

Hard Pinches

Steeper the wall gets the more desperate these holds get. Edges are slight and most can be pinched if the orientation is right.

Great duo

These two monster holds are fantastic to play with. They vary from slightly incut edge to shallow sloper. The carved pattern adds a great depth of use

Sick jugs

These are a must have jug set for any climbing wall. Great as kids holds, but even better for those slow training session warm-ups, cool downs and str


Great pinches! Simple but effective shapes. Put them on my 25 degree wall.

Super cool

I like they way they look, but they climb very well too.

Get holds fast!

We bought these to fill in some holes on our wall cheaply and quickly! 50 holds for under $70, awesome deal.

Super fun.

These holds are so good. They climb very well on 20-30 degree walls and feel great. Texture is good and just deep enough to hold. Make me feel st

So good.

Love this hold. We move it around on our wall a lot, because it is so much fun on every angle. It would get 5 stars if it had 3 more screw holes in


Good holds with interesting texture that eliminates cheating.

Super friendly jugs

A great set up super-friendly jugs that are deep enough to be a life-saver when needed, but not so sinker that they can't be hard on steeper angle

Multipurpose feature

This large featured hold packs enough variety in to be usable on almost any angle for almost any difficulty. A good juggy bulge which can be blocked

Interesting theme

This set looks very good, and are fun to climb on. Some are big enough to get both hands on. Next time we will get the large versions of these.

Mega hold for those with mudcrab DNA

A fantastically friendly mega pinch which still manages to beat up your forearms. great as a big ledge on flat walls, and desperate on anything steep.

All good

Great set to use as a warm-up problem. Smallish holds by juggy.

More nuanced than they look

Beautiful rounded incuts which make you think more than you might expect. they seem like they're deep, but with the wide radius, these force you t

Textured slimpers

These holds are up there with my favourites. I've tried them on 5 to 35 degree walls but they also make good laybacks up aretes. The texture is r


The XXL Jug 1 is brilliant. I saw one at a playground one day, and it was a very, very popular hold. It is huge, strong, solid, grippy, comfortable, i

The dual texture works!

I too was dubious about the duel texture, but it discourages you from trying to pinch them.

Great chunky pinches

A fantastic, versatile set of large pinches

Big nicely sculpted crimping slabs

Up one way these make a good positive crimp. Up the other way they become a fiendishly demanding multi-crimp surface. Either way round they make a

Pinches or Edges

Good pinches or a good edges. Used one as a handle on a drawer.

Good texture and positive.

The depth of the incut is different on every hold and the radius of the edge is very large making these very comfortable.


Simple slopers really, but the dimples make them look more interesting. Dimples can be used as a pinch point if you adjust your grip.

great sloper for most angles

love the brain, i have it on a 30degree and a 15 degree wall, has four distinct edges and slopes to make any level of difficulty for problems, one of

My favourite hold

There is just something fun about this hold, it is positive enough on my 35° wall to be a good grab but I always feel like I have to work for it. Ther

Lots of Holds

I only bought these because there is 20 in the set. Small to medium holds, fine on vertical walls.

Finger fun

Really like the size of these, not too small, not too big. Have them on a mix of angles and prefer them on the 30 the best.


Once you get over the appearance this hold is great. An odd textured sloper.

Excellent hold

The XXL Jug 3 is fantastic. It’s a big hold, and it’s very grippy yet comfortable on the hands. It feels very positive, strong and secure, so it’s a g

Fun and complex

This hold works very differently with each rotation. The lip can act as a thumb catch, desperate crimp or as some extra friction. Its my favourite tec

Very positive

These are awesome on the 35 degree wall. They’re all very incut, textured for grip, and very different from one another. I got two sets and I’m very h


Super-positive edge/pinch. Makes a great two-handed start hold.

Fun weirdness

Was not sure what to think about these, but I am glad I got them. Not much texture, but it is in the right spot.

Doing Laps

Simple small jugs to warm up on. Lip is good enough not to feel to harsh on vertical walls.

A complex beast

It is not obvious exactly what orientation or grip that will work for this hold on its many faces, angles and textures. I certainly have nothing else

Awesome big sloper/pinch

Currently my favourite hold on a 30 degree overhanging wall. When it first arrived I set it horizontally and couldn't get a good grip on it. Setti

King of slopers

Big, plenty of texture. This thing is desperate on steeper walls. Great when you’re tired of crimps.

Crimper town

These guys are definitely crimpy. They work well with the lucky seven lite set to provide something a bit easier to grab but still in keeping with the

Superb hold

The XXL Jug 38 is sublime. It’s large, grippy, deeply incut, comfortable, and strong. When the smaller holds are starting to slip through my fingers,

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